Stuff Traditions: Embroidery In Context
by Lynn Szygenda
ISBN-10: 0903562170
ISBN-13: 9780903562171
Embroiderers' Guild
Soft Cover
Pages: 52
Language(s): English
Very Good - Light cover and edge wear.

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This book accompanies and expands upon an Embroiderer's Guild exhibition titled "Traditions." The exhibition's subtitle, embroidery in context, embodies the themes of both exhibition and publication. In eight sections which show popular techniques in a traditional application, embroidered objects are discussed within the context of their making.

What makes an object "of its time"? Why do some embroiderers continue to make "traditional" work long after "its time" seems to have passed, or even revive styles and techniques of previous times? Might contemporary work which apparently rejects traditional values be establishing its own tradition - one of its own time?

This book and exhibition raise these and other questions about the development of embroidery and its usage over four centuries. Reasons for the evolution of form, function and design in embroidery are proposed. The juxtaposition of work of the past with work by contemporary makers gives the opportunity to consider how today's textile artists have responded to "tradition".