Stuff Flowers, Dragons & Pine Trees: Asian Textiles in the Spencer Museum of Art
by Mary M. Dusenbury
ISBN-10: 1555952380
ISBN-13: 9781555952389
Spencer Museum of Art
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Pages: 312
Language(s): English

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Comprised of some three hundred objects, the collection of Asian textiles in the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas has remained a hidden treasure since its inception nearly a century ago. This small but important collection, which includes textiles from East, South, and Central Asia dating from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries, displays remarkable geographical breadth, great diversity of technique, and a broad range of functions. With highlights including late Persian textiles, Indian embroideries, Kashmir shawls, Chinese court costume, and Japanese folk garments, the Spencer's Asian textiles are rich in history and design, offering a wealth of information and beauty for both the collector and the art lover alike. The first comprehensive publication of the collection, this volume provides an overview of the textile history of four principal regions as well as detailed discussions of individual pieces, bringing these fascinating objects to life in the context of their traditions and times.

Flowers, Dragons, & Pine Trees includes a full catalogue of the collection, glossary, and five maps. This comprehensive volume brings the hidden treasures of the collection to light with beautiful illustrations, compelling history, and new viewpoints on the rich and ancient textile traditions of Asia.