Stuff Embroidery in Religion and Ceremonial
by Beryl Dean
ISBN-10: 0713452803
ISBN-13: 9780713452808
B.T. Batsford Ltd.
Soft Cover
Pages: 288
Language(s): English
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Beryl Dean - embroiderer, designer, teacher, lecturer and author - is the leading authority on church embroidery and is known throughout the United Kingdom and the United States as the pioneer of a modern approach to design and craftsmanship in church vestments and furnishings. In this her long awaited magnum opus she shares with her readers her unsurpassed knowledge of embroidery through the ages and the benefit of her unrivaled experience in the practical aspects of her art, taking the reader by step by step through the intricacies of the execution of ecclesiastical embroidery and the creation of vestments, etc, for use within the Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish religions. She also deals with the embroidery required for secular ceremonial robes and badges, including the specialized gold work techniques. After a brief historical outline of church embroidery and symbolism, the chapters cover the preparation of patterns and the decoration and making of vestments, soft furnishings for the church and altar linen, particular attention being paid to current changes and the resultant requirements. Gold work and all types of embroidery methods are illustrated and described, and there are chapters on commissioned work and group projects.