Stuff 1066: The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry
by Andrew Bridgeford
ISBN-10: 0802714501
ISBN-13: 9780802714503
Walker & Company
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Pages: 354
Language(s): English

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For more than 900 years the Bayeux Tapestry - one of the world's greatest historical documents and artistic achievements - has preserved one of history's greatest dramas: the Norman Conquest of England, culminating in the death of King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Historians have held for centuries that the majestic tapestry - almost 300 feet in length - trumpets the glory of William the Conqueror and the victorious Normans. But is this true? In 1066, a brilliant piece of historical detective work, Andrew Bridgeford reveals a very different story that reinterprets and recasts the most decisive year in English history.

Reading the tapestry as if it were a written text, examining each scene with fresh eyes, Bridgeford discovers a wealth of new information subversively and ingeniously encoded in the threads, which appears to undermine the Norman point of view while presenting a secret tale undetected for centuries - an account of the final years of Anglo-Saxon England quite different from the Norman version of events. In the midst of it all is a mysterious French nobleman - Count Eustace II of Boulogne, descended from Charlemagne - whose own claim to the English throne rivaled Duke William's.

While building his case, Bridgeford brings to life the turbulent eleventh century in western Europe, a world of ambitious warrior bishops, court dwarfs, ruthless knights, and powerful women. 1066 offers readers a rare surprise - a book that reconsiders a long-accepted masterpiece and chain of events - and sheds new light on a pivotal chapter of English history.