Stuff Shisha Embroidery: Traditional Indian Mirror Work
by Nancy D. Gross & Frank Fontana
ISBN-10: 0486240436
ISBN-13: 9780486240435
Dover Publications
Soft Cover
Pages: 21
Language(s): English
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Shisha means "glass" or "mirror" in Hindi. Shisha embroidery, or the technique of working tiny decorative mirrors into fabric, is a venerable art throughout western India and the Northwest Frontier: Pakistan, Baluchistan, Afghanistan. Lovely shisha-embroidered shirts, bags, skirts, shawls and other export items are popular in the Western Hemisphere today, though knowledge of the technique itself has not spread because of its traditional mother-to-daughter or cottage-industry character. Here then is the first comprehensive, readily accessible book on shisha- the craft, its history, and traditional motifs in 24 transfer patterns.

Shisha styles and motifs share the variety of subcontinental peoples, tribes and terrains. Kandahari and Pathan shisha differ from one amother, as do Baluchi, Sindhi, Mochi, Kutchi and the various Gujarati shisha. The transfer patterns, printed on one side of transfer paper, are all adapted from these authentic artifacts, and feature some motifs peculiar to certain areas and others common to the entire region, including geometrics, florals, gods, heroes, moons, goddesses, suns, sacred animals, etc. Complete instructions, with illustrated stitches, enable needleworkers to stitch the mirrors according to the patterns or as their imagination suggests. A list of supply sources for authentic Indian mirrors is provided.