Stuff The fifth of Joan Edwards' Small Books on the history of Embroidery: Sampler Making 1540~1940
by Joan Edwards
ISBN-10: 0907287042
ISBN-13: 9780907287049
Bayford Books
Soft Cover
Pages: 20
Language(s): English
Very Good - Very light cover and edge wear.

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Every sampler is a celebration of that great moment in the history of embroidery when an enterprising embroiderer, finding she could no longer remember in detail all of the patterns devised by working short straight stitches across the warp and weft threads of regular weave linen, set about embroidering a sample of each (just sufficient to show the repeat) on a piece of linen thus introducing the art of sampler-making.

Contents include My Beste Sampler, The Nature of Sampler-making, Stitches on Samplers, Ripe Strawberries, The Time Factor, A Note of Childhood, It Pays to be Good, Latitude and Longitude, Decorative Darning, The Reward of Virtue, Stitch Samplers and Requiem for a Teacher.