Stuff Art Nouveau Embroidery
by Lewis F. Day & Mary Buckle
ISBN-10: 0806980001
ISBN-13: 9780806980003
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Pictorial HC
Pages: 262
Language(s): English
Very Good - Light cover and edge wear.

"Art Nouveau" is the newest style - and also a very old style - in embroidery. It is not just a fashion of the early 1900's - not just a beautiful nostalgic experiment - but a classic art form we've only begun to really appreciate and explore.

As Erica Wilson points out in her introduction to this book, these ornate, flowing, delicate patterns may stimulate you to new creative achievements. The art is as fresh and inspiring as if it had just been designed - perhaps even more interesting and exciting today than it was three-quarters of a century ago.

This is the classic book on Art Nouveau embroidery - the only one that goes deeply and thoroughly into the stitches and designs of this lavish style.

You'll find instructions for dozens of crewel and canvas stitches: the cross-stitch and its variations, the cushion-stitch, the tent-stitch, the fish-bone and plait-stitch; chain stitches - the tambour, magic-stitch, braid-stitches, Vandyke chains; the herringbone and the buttonhole, feather-stitches and Oriental stitches, rope and knot stitches, lace-stitches, satin-stitches and elegant darning - all of them with excellent diagrams.

You'll be inspired by rich illustrations of exquisite work from Europe and the Middle East, from Byzantium, from the Orient, from as long ago as the 15th century, from Flemish, Coptic, Persian and Heraldic designs.

And this book has a feature you'll find nowhere else: as you turn the page, you see the reverse of the embroidery that appears on the front - the way it should look on the other side of the fabric - which may tell you more about your stitches and how to perfect them than you ever hoped to know!

If you do crewel embroidery, needlepoint or applique, if you do laidwork or quilting, and you want your embroidery to be art as mush as craft - this gem of a book is the one you'll keep in your workbasket.