Stuff The Complete Guide to Needlework: Techniques and Materials
by Mary Gostelow (Ed.)
ISBN-10: 0890095973
ISBN-13: 9780890095973
Chartwell Books, Inc.
HC w/ Dust Jacket
Pages: 224
Language(s): English
Very Good/Very Good - Light cover and edge wear.

The vivid details of the Bayeux Tapestry, the delicacy of fine whitework, the rich silk embroideries of the East -- decorative needlework has flourished from the earliest times and continues to be one of the most popular creative pursuits today. This book covers every major embroidery technique, giving a full historical development, outlining the equipment and materials required and explaining different styles and methods. The chapters cover canvaswork, applique and raised work, patchwork and quilting, smocking, silk, bead and metal thread embroidery, counted thread, crewel, whitework, cutwork and drawn and pulled work. The final chapter is a practical guide to collecting, displaying and caring for fine examples and includes an explanation of conservation techniques. With over 400 clear stitch diagrams and 350 illustrations of fine needlework examples, this comprehensive and practical guide will inspire needleworkers of all ages.