Stuff Principles of the Stitch
by Lilo Markrich
ISBN-10: 0809279649
ISBN-13: 9780809279647
Henry Regnery Co.
Soft Cover
Pages: 122
Language(s): English
Very Good - Light cover and edge wear.

Needleworkers - both novice and expert - who really want to learn and know their stitchery will love Principles of the Stitch. This beautiful, informative book not only tells how to execute stitches but reduces needlework stitches to a few simple stitch groups and explains how to use them most effectively.

Dealing with each stitch group in turn, the author examines its effect on an embroidery - its texture, its ability to reflect light, its placement and its relationship to the embroidery's background. Clear stitch diagrams and carefully selected photographs - in both color and black-and-white - allow readers to follow the explanations and reproduce the effects for themselves in their own work. Flat stitches, wrapped stitches, cross stitches and composite stitches are fully discussed and also placed in historical context to promote a complete understanding of their potential.

Comprehensive sections on the use of color - with an emphasis on shading, for needleworkers who want to master this intricate technique - texture, and patterns complement the practical advice on where to find designs and how to turn them into uniquely individual needlework pieces similar to those that appear throughout the book.