Stuff Folk Art in American Life
by Robert Bishop & Jacqueline M. Atkins
ISBN-10: 0670857173
ISBN-13: 9780670857173
Penguin Books/Museum of American Folk Art
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Pages: 228
Language(s): English
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Folk artists, whether of yesterday or today, are the ongoing celebrants of the American experience and spirit. They are the frequently unacknowledged documenters of the way life is lived as well as the creators of a richly diverse realm of objects that have exemplified the importance of the art of the everyday in America. Although their work may be appreciated on aesthetics alone, they are also social historians whose text flows powerfully through paint, wood, stone, metal, clay and fabric to provide a vivid look at the content of American life.

Folk art has now been recognized as an American artistic tradition for some eighty-odd years. In that time it has captured a large part of the public's imagination as well as that of curators, collectors, art historians and other scholars, for the fundamental truth behind the fascination of the subject is the recognition of the basic urge of the human spirit to create, decorate, embellish and innovate - to bring beauty and interest in so many ways, shapes and forms into every aspect of the daily round.

Richly illustrated with over 260 color plates, Folk Art in American Life presents a broad sampling of the wealth and variety of American folk art from the late seventeenth century through the late twentieth century. Its scope includes objects from many diverse subject areas - from paintings to household furnishings of many kinds, to textiles, to sculpture, to environments. Initiated by Robert Bishop, the late charismatic Director of the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City from 1977 to 1991, this great book has been completed both expertly and inspirationally by Jacqueline M. Atkins, a former colleague of Robert Bishop's at the Museum. The result is a perfect collaboration of two hearts and minds for the illumination of us all.