Stuff Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery: Collected and Analyzed by Frieda Lipperheide
by Kathleen Epstein, Translator & Editor
ISBN-10: 0963333178
ISBN-13: 9780963333179
Curious Works Press
Pictorial HC
Pages: 33 + 30 plates
Language(s): English

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Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery contains all of the pictorial material from Frieda Lipperheide's Muster altitalienischer Leinenstickerei, originally published by Franz Lipperheide, Berlin, 1892. Beginning with a survey of the provenance of the patterns, the patterns are presented followed by materials, the execution of patterns in various stitch techniques, edgings and insertions, bindings for single sections of fabric or embroidery and double-faced fringe. This folio contains eighty-five patterns on thirty plates. The patterns themselves are suitable for stitching in Assisi, blackwork, cross stitch and satin stitch to name a few! A wonderful reference and collection!