Stuff The Proper Stitch: A Guide for Counted Thread (Revised and Expanded) (CD)
by Darlene O'Steen
ISBN-10: 1573677442
ISBN-13: 9781573677448
HC Folio
Pages: CD-ROM
Language(s): English
New - **This is the CD-ROM version of the book.**

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The Proper Stitch presents projects and stitch illustrations by Darlene O'Steen that educate and improve your stitching skills. It is one of the few sources available that actually shows both the front and back of each stitch. It doesn't just show diagrams, it gives clear explanations for the stitches and how they can be done properly. The CD-ROM includes over 60 stitches and three samplers with instructions and charts that offer printer-friendly pages for your use.