Stuff Mastering The Art Of Pulled Thread Embroidery
by Ilse Altherr
ISBN-10: 0962409006
ISBN-13: 9780962409004
Spiral-Bound SC
Pages: 133
Language(s): English

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Among the best in pulled thread embroidery books, this book explains the process and technique from start to finish. Starting with a brief introduction and explanation of the many names of pulled thread embroidery, Ms. Altherr covers materials, color, what you must know before you begin and how to begin. Following this wealth of information, design sketches for projects are supplied. Most of the book is devoted to the many stitches used with this type of embroidery. Included are straight or corded stitches, double back stitches, crossed stitches, faggot stitches, wave stitches, four-sided stitches, eyelet stitches as well as composite patterns. Another book you\'ll refer to again and again!