Stuff This Stitch is Good For...
by Sandy Jenkins
ISBN-10: None
ISBN-13: None
Spiral-Bound SC
Pages: 102
Language(s): English
Very Good - Light cover and edge wear; light "grubbiness" to white covers.

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This book was written with the intention of being a guide and a reference to build the confidence needed to enjoy creative stitchery. This book will encourage you to go beyond the stitches you are comfortable with and try new ones to embellish your stitching and create new combinations. The author has divided the book into sections including clothing, people, animals & insects, food, garden - vegetables, garden - flowers, sewing, houses & buildings, outdoor things and miscellaneous items. The sections are then further divided to help you choose patterns and stitches. For example, if you are completing a project that includes clothing, you could look to the first section, clothing, and then choose the pattern or embellishment from that section to embellish your piece. In this instance, you could choose plaid or checks or, more specifically, a bow, a bow tie or a ballerina tutu! This is a wonderful reference for anyone looking to advance their stitching to the next level.