Stuff Embroidered Flowers
by Kit Pyman
ISBN-10: 0855326182
ISBN-13: 9780855326180
Search Press
Soft Cover
Pages: 31
Language(s): English
Very Good - Light cover and edge wear.

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Flowers have always been one of the main subjects of textile designs, and it seems that a love of flowers and embroidery often go together. For enthusiasts, translating flowers into stitchery is one of the lasting pleasures of life. It is not always easy, however, to translate an idea into reality, and this book is intended to help you through the various stages of planning and working a flower embroidery, from the idea to the finished piece of work. Information is provided on design, including design sources, drawing, photography, templates from plants and photocopying, composition, enlarging and reducing designs, colouring fabrics and threads, transferring designs, surface stitches, shading stitches, shadow work, quilting, stuffed quilting and finishing your design.