Stuff Needlework Tools and Accessories: A Collector's Guide
by Molly Proctor
ISBN-10: 071345895X
ISBN-13: 9780713458954
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Pages: 144
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The tools and accessories used for needlework of all kinds have a long and fascinating history, but early examples can now only be found in museums. Later, decorative pieces are becoming much sought after and expensive. Nonetheless, there is still a plentiful supply of the useful, everyday items used for sewing, knitting, crochet and other needlecrafts and collecting these can become an absorbing and fascinating hobby. Molly Proctor here offers a brief survey of history until about 1850, after which she draws on a detailed survey of company histories, old catalogs from drapers and manufacturers, museums and private collections. Changing social and economic situations, together with the increasing skill of craftsmen from the late eighteenth century onwards, has resulted in an endless variety of decorative objects which delight the collector. Although not always practical, many of these amusing novelties have been described and illustrated. Information is given on methods of manufacture and the working conditions which arose. The contents of workboxes, such as thimbles and pins, are examined together with fastenings from zips to linen buttons and items of practical and inexpensive haberdashery, even down to small items offered in lieu of farthings as change, together with souvenir gifts and packaging. The text is widely illustrated with many examples from museum collections, with dates and contemporary prices given whenever possible. A bibliography and list of museums encourage the reader to further study.