Stuff The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century
by John Brewer
ISBN-10: 0374234582
ISBN-13: 9780374234584
Farrar Straus Giroux
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Pages: 721
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In 1660, when King Charles II was restored to the throne, England had few professional authors, musicians or painters, no public concerts, no galleries, newspaper critics or reviews. But by 1800 all these were part of Britain's rich cultural life. How did this transformation occur? John Brewer's landmark book shows us how English artists, amateurs, entrepreneurs, and audiences developed a culture that is still celebrated for its wit and brilliance. Brewer's purpose is to show how literature, painting, music, and the theater related to a public increasingly avid for them; how artists used, or were used by, publishers, plagiarists, impresarios, and managers; and how contemporary ideas of taste combined with patriotic fervor and shrewdly managed commerce to create a vibrant, dynamic national culture. In Brewer's transforming analysis, we see revealed a picture of English eighteenth-century art and literature that is less familiar but more surprising, more various, and more convincing than any we have seen before.