Stuff Just Designs
by Lesley Turpin-Delport
ISBN-10: 0958387370
ISBN-13: 9780958387378
Triple T Publishing
Soft Cover
Pages: 80
Language(s): English
Like New - Very light cover and edge wear.

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This book focuses on the fun factor of creative embroidery. It is filled with exciting concepts in mixed media. The ideas illustrated are intended to fire the imagination and encourage the needlecrafter to be innovative with embroidery techniques combining ribbon and paintwork. It contains many designs for the reader to interpret in whatever color, technique or thread seizes the imagination. These pages also contain some designs with labels, suggestions for stitches, colors and thread types. Some designs have a complete "how-to" which will enable the less experienced needlecrafter to follow a design. The 100+ color plates show what has been achieved by others, thus encouraging the reader to produce works of creative merit.