Stuff Micheal & Elizabeth Feller - The Needlework Collection: 2
by Elizabeth Feller
ISBN-10: 0955208661
ISBN-13: 9780955208669
HC w/ Dust Jacket
Pages: 290
Language(s): English

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Never before has there been a book of needlework like this and never again might there be another. Over 400 samplers dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries are recorded here in full colour, together with huswifs, pinballs, purses and pockets. There is so much in this volume 2, in fact, that it has been described as two books in one jacket.

Never before has there been gathered such samplers as those in Michesl and Elizabeth Feller's world-class collection. Never before has a reference collection of this extent been made available through the medium of photography and expert description, for lovers of needlework to enjoy and study, wherever they may happen to be, and whatever pace they choose to go. Elizabeth & Micheal are pleased to share them all with you.

Never before has a collector described their items with such sensitivity for their artistry and a such a great fondness for the personal histories of the stitchers. Elizabeth Feller's intimate commentary gives us a rare insight into this astonishing collection: the beginning of her interest in samplers, their historical significance and the unique stories that make the whole book her personal reflection.

From Adam and Eve to Jane Austin; from Quakers to Huguenot; orphans to abolitionists, here are some of the most interesting, intriguing and sometimes mystifying records of their time, stitched beautifully on cloth.

Micheal and Elizabeth Feller's collection has been lovingly brought together and restored over several decades. Their connoisseurship, fine eye and wealth of knowledge about early embroidered works, which is unsurpassed in the UK, make them the ideal guides and guardians of these treasures.

Once again, photography by Richard Holdsworth, FRPS, allows you to see the detail that otherwise would be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Volume 1 of the Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection documents stunning 17th century embroidered works and samplers from this collection, with additional research by Mary M. Brooks.

The inside of the jacket has charted patterns for stitching two reproduction samplers.